TDSB Ward 2


Dan MacLean

Trustee Ward 2

"I've had dealings with Dan through his work in the community and his time on the Board of Directors of the Etobicoke Swim Club. I found him to be very competent and I believe Dan would make an excellent School Board Trustee."

Doug Holyday - Former Mayor of Etobicoke. Former MPP Etobicoke Lakeshore. Former Toronto City Councillor

Dan's Experience and Community Involvement

  • I served on the Princess Margaret Junior School parent council for nine years after the school reopened in 1995. I served in the role of council chair for 5 of those years. I also was the head of the fundraising committee that raised thousands of dollars that were used to purchase new computers and advanced tricycles for the kindergarten classes, among other teacher supported initiatives. We ran a fall fair for a number of years that was a great day for the community as well as the school's most successful fundraiser.
  • Our two daughters (Heather & Brittany) were competitive swimmers at the Etobicoke Swim Club which operated out of the Etobicoke Olympium. I have governance experience as I served on the club’s board of directors for seven years, several terms in the capacity of Vice President.
  • I was a volunteer coach for many seasons with the Etobicoke Youth Soccer Club.
  • I also was a volunteer coach for many seasons with the Etobicoke Dolphins Hockey Club.
  • I served one season as a volunteer coach with the West Mall Lightning boys' hockey league.
  • Our entire family actively volunteers with the annual Sashbear Mindfullness Walk. This charity is dedicated to raise awareness and funds for Borderline Personality Disorder, making an impact in support of many mental health initiatives.

"Dan showed both leadership and commitment to improving the school experience of all Princess Margaret Junior School students"

Greg King - former Treasurer and Vice-President of the local ratepayers group

Ward 2 Residents for 25 years

Dan with his wife Michele, daughters Heather and Brittany

and the family friend Georgia.

(photo provided by Patricia Corsini Photography)

Brittany wins an Olympic Bronze Medal in Rio

This achievement was helped made possible by Brittany's access to the High

Performance Program at Hollycrest Middle School and then Silverthorn

Collegiate; both Ward 2 Schools.

Dan Strongly Believes

  • Public Education is the most important function that any level of our government provides and I have the experience, commitment and passion required to serve our community well in the role of trustee.
  • TDSB students are entitled to both a safe environment and equity in pursuit of a quality education.
  • Math is a foundation skill and with the latest disappointing EQAO math results, it should be among the TDSB's top Priorities
  • After additional public consultation, TDSB students should be educated according to the ministry’s 2015 Health and Physical Education curriculum.
  • Our schools must not only strive to be violence free, but also provide the skills and help develop attitudes that encourage students to live violence free lives.
  • We must respect every taxpayer dollar and be both accountable and transparent.
  • We should be encouraged by the TDSB’s 86% graduation rate. This is the highest point since tracking began in 2000 and in that time the graduation rate has risen by 17%.
  • As a recently retired person, my availability during school hours is a tremendous asset. If elected I will regularly visit all Ward 2 schools to stay better informed about the local issues.
  • A parent’s involvement in their child’s education should be both encouraged and appreciated.
  • We must measure success one student at a time.

Equity and Safety Must be Daily Priorities

We must continue to commit to creating an inclusive, fair and respectful environment for all students. We must work with all community partners to ensure that all voices are heard, encouraged and appreciated. We must provide equal access to opportunities and resources designed to support and encourage student success and achievement.

Many TDSB students walk to school. We must work together to better inform and encourage our students to be alert and follow safe practices. We must also do all possible to make drivers more aware of the potential risks and demand they slow down and act responsibly. We must educate our students and help them better understand and appreciate the potential risks of irresponsible use of social media. Cyber bullying is a real problem that requires greater student awareness and compassion. The need for greater civility cannot be overstated. We can and must do better!

Need to work with the new Provincial Government

I’m very concerned about the government’s recent decision to slash the $25 million dollars that was earmarked for TDSB school repairs. Many of our TDSB schools are in need of considerable structural upgrades and repairs.

With respect to the continued implementation of the 2015 Health & Physical Education curriculum, I hope there will be additional public consultation conducted quickly and transparently. I believe subject matter concerning consent, cyber bullying/social media activity and gender identification should be made available to our TDSB students. Our skilled teachers are able to professionally introduce these topics and then facilitate responsible discussions. It is no longer the 20th century, the 1998 curriculum simply does not do enough to inform TDSB students and assist them with some of the more challenging issues they face.

Dan’s Communication Commitment

I will host regular town hall information meetings.

I will maintain a monthly newsletter featuring updates and upcoming events.

I will offer to attend each Ward 2 school’s council meeting at least once each school year.

No Promises I Can't Deliver

In the event I'm elected Trustee for Ward 2, I will be one of twenty-two, representing 4.5% of the decision making power. I won't make any promises which I can't deliver. My candidacy is very much about my willingness to join the extremely collaborative efforts of many to bring the best education possible to the nearly quarter of a million students that attend TDSB schools. I won't create the illusion that I'm coming to fix that which I don't believe to be broken. I am extremely enthusiastic about working with and supporting the many education partners that strive for student success and achievement. We can be encouraged that TDSB graduation rates are rising but we must continue to find new ways to elevate the experience of our students. We must continue to adapt and provide additional creative options for the secondary school students as they aspire to find careers in the constantly changing global workplace. As a recently retired person, I have the time to fully dedicate to the role of trustee. More importantly, I believe I have the experience, commitment and passion to excel in service to TDSB students and their families.

On October 22nd, elect Dan MacLean Ward 2 Trustee!